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Fatal Medical Negligence & Inquests

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Fatal Medical Negligence & Inquests

If you or someone you know would like to make a claim for compensation against a doctor or medical professional then rest assured, we can offer you a caring and empathetic ear. If somebody close to you has died because of negligent medical care, our expert solicitors will help you find out what happened and why. Speak with a Solicitor today on 0113 388 0400.

It is very difficult having to deal with the loss of a loved one. At Chapman Dhillon Solicitors we can help provide you and your loved ones a more secure future by making a claim against the person or organisation respisible. Our medical negligence lawyers are some of the best solicitors in the country. Fatal negligence resulting in death most commonly occurs because of:

Surgery - Mistakes during surgery or treatment.

Delays - Overstretched staff often make basic mistakes which can lead to serious consequences.

Treatment - Failing to review all aspects of a patient can result in death. One treatment can easily complicate other aspects of the human body and if not monitored properly, can lead to significant injury and death.

No win, no fee

The Chapman Dhillon Solicitors No Win No Fee arrangement takes the risk out of making a personal injury claim. There are no upfront fees, no unexpected costs, and no risk of paying the other side’s expenses. 100% of our claims are operated on a No win, no fee basis so that you are covered at all times.