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Dental Negligence Claims

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Dental negligence claims

A misdiagnosis /delayed diagnosis of a dental problem by the Dentist resulting in unnecessary suffering by the patient is an act of dental negligence. There are many scenarios where Dental negligence takes place which could have often been avoided by better treatment methods.

What are the instances of dental negligence?
Delayed Diagnosis – your dentist understands a dental condition after it has worsened, missing the symptoms of the problem and failing to warn the same to the patient causing serious dental problems. Eg periodontitis is the progressed condition of gingivitis which can be treated in the earlier stage if it is diagnosed at the right time.
Misdiagnosis – your dentist wrongly diagnosed your dental condition and carried out an incorrect treatment/procedure
Misdiagnosis of gum diseases further developing into serious dental disease.
Mistreatment – After the diagnosis, the treatment provided to your dental condition was of poor quality causing further deterioration of your dental health.

Dental negligence can be relatively minor such as short term disease to major injuries where one or many teeth have been affected. Further injuries could include stress, trauma and psychological affects. For this reason the compensation for a dental negligence claim can range from £1,000 to £40,000. If you have been affected by a dental negligence which has prolonged or exacerbated a dental condition, contact us today on 0113 388 0400.

If you or someone you know would like to make a claim for compensation against a doctor or medical professional then rest assured, we can offer you a caring and empathetic ear. We shall give you clear guidance and help when you need it most. Often, compensation does not fix the damage but it can help ease the suffering by paying towards costs for medical assistance or equipment. Our aim is to help you get back as much as you can with the highest amount of compensation. Speak with a Solicitor today on 0113 388 0400.
No win, no fee

The Chapman Dhillon Solicitors No Win No Fee arrangement takes the risk out of making a personal injury claim. There are no upfront fees, no unexpected costs, and no risk of paying the other side’s expenses. 100% of our claims are operated on a No win, no fee basis so that you are covered at all times