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Our Medical Negligence Solicitors Fight for You.

Medical Negligence

Do you need to make a claim against the NHS?

Industrial Disease.

Have You Suffered
Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

Industrial Disease

Have you suffered noise induced hearing loss?

Office Injury?

Make a Compensation Claim
for an Accident at Work.

Work Injuries

Make a compensation claim for an accident at work.

Accidental Claims.

Road traffic accidents, Slip & trip claims,
or serious injuries abroad - We can help!

Accident Claims

We are able to assist on all type of accident claims.

About Chapman Dhillon Solicitors

Experts Solicitors in Medical Negligence

A law firm that is truly dedicated to client care and recovering compensation
for personal injury victims nationwide with offices in London and Leeds

Chapman Dhillon Solicitors were established in 2009 in Leeds and now has an office in the City of London. Over the past 6 years Chapman Dhillon Solicitors have seen sturdy growth through diversity, teamwork and outstanding client services. Our firm now provides extensive Legal Services and guidance to clients across the England and Wales. We are experts in Medical Negligence and Office Injury Claims. Our aim is to get you the maximum compensation.

Our innovative approach to the delivery of legal services, our people and our technology means we are staffed by highly trained solicitors with a keen grasp of our client’s legal needs and a thorough understanding of the legal sectors in which they operate. We use technology effectively, tailoring our systems to meet our client’s requirements. We are one of very few law firms in England and Wales to develop our own in-house Legal Case Management System which allows us to manage highly complicated legal cases effectively and efficiently.

Our solicitors work tirelessly to gather all evidences to support your claim and take you through every step of your claim. We will often arrange for reports to be written and seek expert opinions on your personal injuries.

We will fight your corner fearlessly to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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The claim areas that we deal with include:

Medical Negligence

If you feel you have been mistreated by your doctor or dentist had an illness which has been misdiagnosed or you have been prescribed the wrong medication, we are able to help you build a claim. We will take lead of the claim, getting all the necessary medical records and information to ensure you get what you rightfully deserve. Read more

Industrial Disease

Working in a hazardous environment throughout your employment history can lead to your body becoming damaged due to the conditions. The likes of noise induced hearing loss, vibration white finger and repetitive strain injury are all common occurrences in the workplace, and if you are affected by any of these, we will be able to help you claim compensation. Read more

Office Injury

Working for long periods of time at a desk can lead to severe back problems, if you chair are not in the correct position. Sitting awkwardly and unnaturally will leave you with poor posture and can give back problems in the long run. Read more

Accidental Claims

Whether you have slipped over in the supermarket or been involved in an accident which wasn’t your fault, Chapman Dhillon can help you put together claim. We specialise in gaining compensation for time you may have had to take off work and for any lasting injuries you may have sustained. Read more

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